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California Stock Tank Pool Delivery and Install - Deposit

California Stock Tank Pool Delivery and Install - Deposit

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The full pool package all-in-one!

We offer free project consultation before purchase. Contact us via email and we will offer a free consultation before you place the deposit. 

Delivery and install scheduling available for the following:

- All San Luis Obispo County.

- Bakersfield & Fresno Area.

- Santa Barbara County.

NOTE: $500.00 IS FOR SCHEDULING DEPOSIT, WE WILL CALL AND LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO FINAL PRICE (Expect about $2000.00 depending on location and install requirements).

[STPP] Stock Tank Pool installation includes delivery of a 6 or 8 foot metal Stock Tank Pool anywhere in San Luis Obispo County, Bakersfield, or Fresno.

Our installation includes a 1500gph filter pump system and all fittings, and a Blue Water vacuum kit with demonstration of how to keep your Stock Tank Pool clean and clear.

After you place this order we will call you within one business day to schedule your install. Once the install is scheduled the deposit is non-refundable. 

Not sure where to place your Stock Tank Pool?
Contact us for questions regarding your project! 

We offer free project consultation before purchase!

We will do the complete stock tank pool set up, just give us a flat spot and access to a typical 120v electrical outlet. 

Notes about long term ownership of a Stock Tank Pool:

We have had our Stock Tank Pool set up for 4 years now (pictured below, and all over our website) and the pool is in great shape. No rust, no leaks, no problems. 

You can expect this pool to last for years, unlike blow up pools or plastic above ground pools. There is also no risk of puncture like a typical temporary above ground pool so your dogs can enjoy too.

The pool is also very light when empty, so if you are a renter you can also move this between homes with ease. 

Requirements for complete package install:

A) Two week lead time is standard, contact us for scheduling.

B) We required a flat, level surface to lay the tank before we install. Our staff can help with small adjustments for final grading but the customer is responsible for site preparation. 

C) We need access to roll the tank into place from our delivery truck, we do not have a crane. We need a minimum of 3' of clearance between a structure and fence, and eves of your home must also be considered. Additional fees, or project rejection and refund may apply if lifting is required. 


Order Notes:

There are no returns on stock tank pools after they are installed. Deposits are nonrefundable after you have been contacted and we schedule a date for the install. Deposits can be refunded if an install is not scheduled. 

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