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All-In-One DIY Stock Tank Pool Kit

All-In-One DIY Stock Tank Pool Kit

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DIY Stock Tank Pool Pump Kit

Everything you need to DIY your own stock tank pool, except the stock tank and a power drill. 

Want to keep your pool clean? Check out our bundle which comes with the vacuum kit HERE

For both Galvanized tanks, AND Poly tanks.

Stock Tank Pool Pump Kit contains the following:

1) 1500gph cartridge filter pump, suitable for up to a 9,000 gallon stock tank (a 10 ft diameter and 2 ft tall tank is approximately 1100 gallons for reference). The pump has an automatic timer that will run at the same time every 24 hours so set it and forget it! 

2) 2 Plunger Valves

3) Inlet & Outlet strainer assemblies 

4) Marine Grade sealant 

5) 2.75” Hole Saw with Arbor 

You will need to have the following to finish the kit:

1) Stock tank! You can find at your local Tractor Supply or order online from Tank & Barrel

2) Power Drill

Read how to set up your stock tank pool here! But also, keep in mind this kit comes with more detailed instructions than provided online.



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