What is a Stock Tank Pool?

Goods & gear made FOR your stock tank pool, by stock tank pool people.

Many existing products used for stock tank pools are intended for soft-sided above ground pools and we'd like to change that.

Stock tank pools deserve their own products made to work just for them.

That is why we started Stock Tank Pool Products.

We love our stock tank pool and want to spread the joy with fun and innovative products.

DIY Stock Tank Pool Kit - Now available!

Don't waste your time scavenging the internet for the parts you need for your stock tank pool install, buy everything you need in this DIY kit!


Keep that stock tank pool clean, blue, and beautiful

Check out our Stock Tank Pool Vacuum!

The Stock Tank Pool Vacuum kit includes everything you need to keep your stock tank clean and clear. This vacuum has a universal adapter that hooks up to any outlet strainer pump of 1500GPH or more.

Blue-Water Stock Tank Pool Vacuum

Now Offering Installs!

[STPP] is now offering installs in San Luis Obispo County, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbra county!


What Type of Stock Tank is Best for Your Pool?

Galvanized or Plastic stock tank? Read about the pros and cons!