Why a stock tank pool?

Built in pools are expensive. Above ground pools are ugly. What do you really want to do in a pool? You want to float, relax, and escape the heat. A stock tank pool is not only aesthetically pleasing (it looks cute!), but you can throw a float in there to float or just lounge in the cool water with a few friends and beverages. 

Does it get hot since it's metal?

Surprisingly, no! In 100+ degree weather it keeps it's cool. 

How long does it take to build a stock tank pool?

Installing a pump can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on your skill level and how comfortable you are with the drill. The hardest part is actually making sure your space is level and that you have electrical near the pool to power the pump. Consider hiring a handy man to help with leveling and a professional to help with electrical.

Can I disregard safety since it's only 2 ft. deep?

NO! Please keep your pool blocked off from children and make sure to practice general swim safety. 

Do you install stock tank pools?

Yes we do! We offer installs in San Luis Obispo County, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Santa Rosa.  


How do I install my own stock tank pool?

We spell that out HERE! But if you have questions, please contact us via either Instagram or send us an email at info@stocktankpoolproducts.com - we love to hear from you!

Where can I buy a stock tank?

We got ours from Tractor Supply! But there are many options, and Tank & Barrel will deliver. Your local feed store also likely carries stock tanks.

Can we paint our stock tank pool?

We do not recommend painting, since the tanks themselves are rust and paint resistant. However, we have seen some snazzy paint jobs. Know that if you paint, you will likely have to maintain the paint over the coming years.

How do we maintain our pool?

You will need to run your pump regularly, have appropriate chemicals, and vacuum the bottom of your pool. We talk more in depth about it, HERE.

How much does a stock tank cost?

Tank price varies on location and tank size. Tanks start at about $550 for 8 ft and a 10 ft. tank delivered is closer to $950. Be sure to look at your local animal feed supply store, such as tractor supply.

Do you offer a heated solution?

While we would LOVE to, we currently do not. We strive to keep our products affordable for DIY'rs and built STPP to bring an affordable kit to the market along with useful, stock tank pool specific products. We continue to do research, but while we can get the pool heated, we can't keep it hot without selling something for an additional $1,000.00. It's truly because we don't feel the value is there.