What is a Stock Tank Pool? Why do I need one?

What is a Stock Tank Pool?

A stock tank pool is a pool made out of a livestock tank. When barb wire fences started limiting ranchers from walking their animals to creeks, they needed a solution to store water for their herds - so enters the livestock tank! Livestock tanks are used to put water in from a well or other water source to feed animals such as cattle and horses. They are often made out of galvanized steel or plastic. You can use either to create a stock tank pool (read about the differences HERE). 


How Do I Turn a Stock Tank Into a Pool?

You can turn a livestock tank into a stock tank pool by using our DIY Stock Tank Pool Kit, purchasing a stock tank of your choice, and using a power drill (detailed instructions come inside the kit). In short, you would drill two holes into the tank, seal special fittings into it with marine grade epoxy, and hook up a pump to make sure the water is constantly filtered. It is also advised to use some sort of chlorine floater to keep the water clean. However, you do NOT want chlorine touching directly on the tank, as it can cause rust. It is also important to test your water and make sure to add chemicals accordingly. Once you fill your tank, you can take a water sample to your local pool store and they can advise what is needed to best keep your water clean. We also offer various products to keep the water clean - keep an eye out on our product pages as we release more items that are optimized for stock tanks. 

Why Would I Make a Stock Tank Pool?

If you live in a hot location, you understand the value of a pool to cool off in on a hot summer day. However, installing an inground pool can cost $50,000+! They also require permits, a lengthy install process, and are expensive to repair as the years go by. Above ground pools can get the job done, but they are difficult to install and - well - they look cheap. 

Stock tank pools are a nice middle ground - they are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install & clean, allow you to float, and are generally fun to hang out in on a hot summer day. There are some tips and tricks to maintain them, head over to our Learning Center to learn more! 

Enjoy Your Stock Tank Pool!