Galvanized vs. Plastic Stock Tank Pools

Galvanized vs. Plastic Stock Tank Pools

Which type of Stock Tank is the Best Option for Your Pool? 

When choosing the perfect stock tank for your pool, there are two major options. A galvanized tank or a plastic stock tank. While both will work with our DIY Stock Tank Pool Kit, which you choose is based on your personal preference. Here we'll break down the pros and cons of each.

The Galvanized Tank

These tanks are meant to be out in fields holding water for animals, and can last up to 20 years. The classic option when someone says "Stock Tank Pool."

Pros: Beautiful aesthetic, water temperature will not become hot tub level of heat if it's hot out despite metal appearance (ours stays cool in 100+ degree weather, and if it gets a little warm we just add more hose water), durable and scratch resistant, offered in various sizes  (even individual tank size)

Cons: Cannot drop chlorine on the bottom of the tank as it can cause rust, paint can cause rust, generally rust is a possibility (test your water source!)

Cost: Pricing depends on location. At the time of this post, a 6ft galvanized tank from Tractor Supply (in CA ) is $350, an 8 ft is $506, and a 10 ft is $680. We have seen the 10 ft tank cost closer to $950 at times, and in different counties prices have varied. We have also found that local feed stores (instead of a large chain) tend to have lower prices. If you need help locating a tank in your area, please contact us via email and we can help you locate one.

The Plastic Tank 

Like the galvanized tank, these are also meant to last for up to 20 years - in a field, feeding animals. Unlike the galvanized, they don't have an issue with rust. However, because of how plastics are manufactured (using a mold) they do taper in at the bottom and the pool gets narrower the deeper it is. 

Pros: No rust! 

Cons: Less aesthetically pleasing (to some!) & gets narrower the deeper it is. Both of these could be considered pro's if this is your style, we've seen some snazzy Poly set ups.


Pricing (like the steel tank) depends on location. At the time of this article, in CA, an 8ft poly tank is $500 from Tractor supply and a 10ft poly tank from Tank & Barrell is $760. 

When you build your stock tank, you're building your own backyard oasis. Weather you go plastic or steel, make sure to go with the option that fits your lifestyle best.

If you get the galvanized tank, and it rusts, you can also put the plastic tank inside it later - you will just need to make sure you drill through it correctly. 

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