How Do You Keep Your Stock Tank Pool Clean?

How Do You Keep Your Stock Tank Pool Clean?

Keeping your Stock Tank Pool Clean

With summer approaching, and warm weather creeping in, many of us are gearing up to set up our Stock Tank Pool Oasis. Every summer, we're often asked - How do you keep your pool so clean? 

1) Run the pump daily for two to four hours.

The pump we sell in our DIY kit comes with an automatic timer, so you can set it and forget it. It's important the water is filtered daily so any debris that falls in doesn't murky the waters.

2) Have a chlorine floater.

We use a small pool floater, similar to one that would be used in a hot tub. The chlorine tabs are 1" and it is extremely important that you don't ever let the chlorine tabs sit on the bottom of a galvanized tank, as it can cause the tank to rust. (note, STPP's Chlorine Floater doubles as our mascot, a duck!)

3) Vacuum excess debris weekly & use a pool net to clean large leaves.

We created our Blue Water Stock Tank Pool Vacuum Kit because we wanted something that didn't require electricity and utilized the pump system we had put in place. This picks up sand and other debris that does not get circulated into the pump system. Or, if after a large group gathering in the stock tank there's excess ick, it helps pick it up. 

4) Clean your pump filter.

If you are using the pump we sell in our kit, it is important to know you need to clean and sometimes replace your pump filter. To do this, utilize the plunger valves to block the water supply from the pool to the pump. Remove the filter from the pump. Hose the filter down with a garden nozzle to remove debris. It can quickly go from dark to white with good pressure. In the summer, you may need to replace the filter monthly.

Filter Cartridge

5) In extreme cases, add shock.

It is important to know that water chemistry varies based off your water supply. Before adding chemicals, it is best to take a sample of your water to a local pool store so they can advise the best products for your specific water chemistry. It is also important that when you add shock, the pump is on and circulating water. If chemicals touch the base of a galvanized stock tank it can cause rust. Please also read and follow the instructions of the pool chemicals you are using - many advise not to swim in the pool for 24 hours after adding the chemicals. It is best to consult a pool store. 

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