Rusty Galvanized Stock Tank Pools

Rusty Galvanized Stock Tank Pools

Why do Galvanized Stock Tank Pools Rust?

There are many reasons your galvanized stock tank pool may rust. 

  1. Chlorine got to the bottom of the tank
  2. The tank was painted
  3. The water source has water that contains a lot of iron
  4. The water in the tank was not properly treated
  5. Magnets or other attachments were put in the tank
  6. You used a liner, and water got in between the liner and the tank surface causing rust 

No matter the reason, it's always a bummer to find a rust spot. We encourage testing your water frequently and also making sure no debris is in the tank. While painted tanks are cute, painting your tank does increase your likelihood of rust spots - remember, the galvanized tank is also paint resistant! 

What can be done to fix rust spots?

The best thing to do is to drain your pool, sand the rust spot, and put an epoxy over the sanded surface. If you wait too long to fix it, the rust spot can expand, so be sure that if you see it, you fix it! 

Of course, the best thing is prevention!

How can you prevent rusting in your stock tank pool? As suggested above, fix the spots when and if you find them. Also, be sure to regularly test your water and know if there is too much iron - even if on city water, make sure to test the water when you fill your stock tank. You can generally take a water sample to your local pool store for detailed testing, and they can advise on what you should do to fix the problem.


My stock tank pool is too far gone, what do I do?!

If you have a galvanized stock tank pool, and you let it get too rusty that fixing isn't even an option, you could put a plastic stock tank into your galvanized tank to keep the galvanized aesthetic. There is also an option for tank liners, but we do not advise these if the tank is not rusty, as they can cause more rust. Make sure water doesn't get between the plastic tank and the galvanized tank as that can cause more rust and possibly mold.
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