Learn how to troubleshoot your stock tank pool pump

Get your STPP Pool Pump Timer Back on Track with These Reset Tips!

You've read your Stock Tank Pool instructions, the pump is installed, and the pool is filled. Of course, you tested the pump prior to install, and it fired right up! Now, you are ready to set and forget about the timer. 

However, you notice you set it for 2 hours, and you think maybe it's been running over that amount...

Have no fear! Some easy instructions are here to help remedy the issue. 

The timer may run for a few extra minutes, but if the pump doesn’t stop, power the pump off by unplugging it and set the dial to “0.” 

Next, follow this procedure to operate the pump on “TIMER” mode:

1) Ensure the power cord is plugged in and the pump dial is set to the off position “0”

2) From the off “0” position, turn the dial to “2” or “4” hours. 

3) The filter pump will turn on and begin filtering water for the set number of hours and will stop after the operation hours are completed. Be sure to leave the pump dial set to “2” or “4” hours and the built-in pump timer will now operate for the set number of hours at the same time each day. Note, do not turn the dial off “2” or “4” after the pump has starting operation or the timer will reset. 

Note, this only works for Intex Pumps sold as part of our STPP DIY Kit. 

Any questions, let us know!

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